Friday, July 10, 2015

How To Email A Rental Application

We have made the procces of emailing a rental application very simple.  You don’t need to cut and copy and attach.

Here is what you do need to do.
Need to registered. (registration is free and simple) If you are not a registered member, go to and click on Free Rental Application (under Rule 1).  In the white box click on email rental application.  Follow the step by step instructions to register and customize your rental application.
Already registered: If you are a member, go to and log in.  Click on email application under the heading Screen Applicant.
Fill in the applicants email address, Click send.  You and the applicant both receive a copy of the email.
The applicant clicks on a link inside the email and fills out the application.  The applicant also pays a $24.95 processing fee which covers your costs of running a background and credit check.
The Results:  You receive a rental application, background and credit reports on an applicant.  The reports and application are stored for you online at   You can review them and then accept or deny the applicant.
Emailing the application really is simple.  If you ever need any assistance, call or get our online support.

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