Friday, July 10, 2015

Illegal Discrimination Quiz

Take this short illegal discrimination quiz.  See if you are inadvertently discriminating.

Have you ever done the following?
  1. Told an applicant there is not an opening because you did not want to rent to that person, when there really is an opening.
  2. Advertised in such a manner that indicates a preference base on group characteristics, such as skin color or sex.
  3. Set restrictive standards for certain applicants and not others, such as higher income.
  4. Refusing to reasonably accommodate the needs of disabled clients, such as hearing dog, sight dog, or other service animals
  5. Had different sets of late payment penalties for different tenants.
The Fair Housing Acts prohibit landlords from taking any of the above actions based on race, religion, or any other protected category:

Consistently using a standard application can protect you from costly lawsuits.

Using Renting Authority’s rental application and tenant screening process will help you avoid discrimination lawsuits.  They are a great tool that you now have access to.

Troy Boldt

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