Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Typical Lease Agreement Nightmare

Here’s a typical lease agreement nightmare. Make sure your rental lease agreement protects you in situations like this.
Patti bought a generic lease agree from an office supply store. It covers the basics: when rent is due, late fees and when the lease ends. Unfortunately for Patti, the generic lease did not cover 4 vital issues that created a nightmare.
1. Guests
2. Pets
3. Waterbeds
4. Rental insurance
Issue 1
Patti’s tenant Rochelle decided that her boyfriend Chris should move in her. Rochelle did not feel she needed to inform Patti because the lease did not mention anything about guest staying in the rental with her. Patti did not find not about Chris until too late.
Issue 2
Chris moved in and brought his two cats and 75lbs dog. Chris and Rochelle were irresponsible with their pets. The cats used the carpet as a litter box and the dog dug holes all over the yard. He also barked constantly at the neighbor’s children.
Issue 3
Rochelle liked Chris’s waterbed, so he set it up in the upstairs bedroom. Chris and Rochelle both worked and left the pets unattended during the day. On a Thursday, they left the backdoor slightly ajar. The dog came in the house and chased the cats throughout. Sadly, the tan cat jumped on the waterbed and the dog followed. This chase resulted in a punctured waterbed.
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