Thursday, July 2, 2015

Customer Support

Thank you for your timely response and explanation of the difference!
As new Landlords, we were excited about finding this site. The electronic application process was wonderful as it allowed us to simply enter the applicant’s name & email address then sit back and wait to view the three reports (Employment, Background & Credit). The applicant paid the fees and your service handled the consent forms & other authorizations.
The contract was nice too but we did run into some glitches:
First, it doesn’t have option to pull any information from rental application. We tried to find the applicant’s address & phone numbers to get started but they were not viewable so we had to call them.
Once entered we were moving along well but it didn’t pull any information set up originally with applicant such as Pet Deposits, Non smoking, state variances, etc.
Once finished, we purchased the contract download. The download could not be saved. We even tried copying it into MS Word and had difficulty saving the soft copy. There were several typos, spacing issues and grammatical & punctuation errors.
We had to add property description, correct verbiage to state house rather than apartment, insert missing paragraph on Inspections (copied from sample), delete repeated paragraph, etc.
Overall, I believe the terms of the contract will serve as protection to us but I thought you might like the feedback.
We have already told several people about your site (Realators, Investment Bankers, Insurance Agents and other acquaintances).
Thank you again!
Kellyville, OK

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