Friday, July 10, 2015

You must have an online presence!

Finding apartments has become an online endeavor!

Over 90% of applicants say they look online first when apartment shopping.

But you’re a landlord not a webmaster.  That is exactly why Renting Authority’s website builder is one of our hottest products.  It is so simple and the end product is professional.  All this is FREE with your upgraded membership.

Your website includes:
  • Pictures and descriptions of your rental
  • You can include multiple rentals on one website
  • Easy tools to manage and change your web site in seconds
  • Links to online rental application and online rent pay
  • Web sites allow you to stay in communication with current tenants (address book)
  • Show your apartment to possible applicants online first.  Saves you time and money.

Create your own website in about 15 minutes with Renting Authority.  This benefit alone is worth more than the cost of the upgrading your membership.  Let’s break down the cost of building your own website without Renting Authority. 

Cost without Renting Authority
Web designers charge between $500 to $800 to create a website for you.  Then you pay an average hosting fee of $19.95 per month.  If you want to make changes to your website, you have to pay a webmaster for the changes.  Average hourly charge is $55.  Most charge a minimal of 1 hour.  So each time you need to change a listing, it costs you around $55.  With Renting Authority, you can make your own changes.  It is easy to do and you have support.

Oh yeah, Renting Authority’s websites have a couple of feature you will not get anywhere else.  Online rental applications.  This is not just a PDF that applicants download and fill out.  It is a real electronic application.  The applicant fills it out online, pays an application fee online, and then Renting Authority automatically process the background and credit reports.  Sorry, but no webmaster can create that for you.

One more thing, you can accept online rent payments with your website.  Very cool.  Send your tenants to your website and they can pay by check or credit card online.  The best part about online rent pay is you don’t pay any processing fees.  That’s right.  The tenants pay a small convenience fee when paying rent online.

View the Website Creation demo to see how easy it is to set up your own website.

If you have any questions about online rent pay or any of our products, please click the customer support button


Troy Boldt


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