Thursday, July 2, 2015

Is Employment Verification Really That Important?

Yes, employment verification is an extremely important step in the tenant screening process.  A renter needs a good job so he or she can pay the rent.  Let me give you a list of things to inquire about.
One of the most important things is to pay attention to is: who and how the business phone is answered.  Why, because some people will give you a friend to call and pretend they are the employer.  The phone should be answered with a business name.
Ask for the applicant’s supervisor or boss.  This information should have been provided by the applicant on the application.
Asking the right questions is key to getting the right info.
We ask the following questions:
-    How long has the applicant been employed there?
-    Is he or she currently employed there?
-    Is the job full time, part time or temporary?
-    How many hours a week does he or she work?
-    Verify the monthly income.  (Employers may require copy of singed authorization for this)
-    Does their job future look good?
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