Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cash Flow Isn't Always Easy

My wife watches all sorts of TV shows with one of her favorites being with Scott McGillvray. He has a great show about cash flowing properties and at the end of each one he shows how much money the person will be pocketing each month and I just have to laugh. That number is always assuming that nothing goes wrong.
Lets look at our own housing situation. How many months have you had nothing go wrong with your house? Just last month we had a broken door, broken door handle, broken garbage disposal and some plumbing problems as a result. Other months it is always something else and we are no different. When you buy a cash flow property you are buying the good and the bad so sure you will have some months when you make money, but you’ll also have months where you lose money. In the end you are banking on the appreciation of the home while having good renters or leasers who take care of the place. It just isn’t as easy as a half hour show makes it out to be.

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