Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bullet Proof Your Assets

You’ve worked hard acquiring your rental properties and your personal wealth. Don’t let sue happy attorneys and tenants get their hand on what you have. It’s not a secret, most lawsuits are about one thing-money.
Lawyers see a pot of gold at the end of this litigation rainbow. Their pot of gold is filled with any asset associated with your name and Social Security Number. How accessible is this information? Thanks to the power of the Internet just about anyone can find out everything you own by performing a simple asset and liability search online. The assets that come up on these reports will include your home, vehicles, investment real estate, bank and brokerage accounts and, well, just about anything else of value that you own. The mere fact that you own these assets makes you a target, regardless of how good a person you are or that you may have done nothing wrong.
Answer: Yes. Properly structured asset protection planning can effectively protect your assets from potential litigation and creditors. An LLC protects assets against unanticipated claims and allows a great degree of flexibility especially with real estate.
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Benefits of a Limit Liability Company (LLC)
1 Reduce the incentive of getting sued in the first place
2 If you are sued, make sure your personal and business assets are protected
3 Extinguish the claimants’ economic incentive to sue
4 Utilize the LLC to provide a level of asset anonymity guaranteed and protected by state law
5 Make yourself disappear from information databases and unable to be located
6 Insulate your assets from each other so they are not lost in lawsuits
7 Increase bargaining power with creditors
8 Make collection on judgments difficult
9 Minimize the financial, emotional, and time consuming risks of lawsuits
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