Friday, July 10, 2015

Landlord Extorted for $12,000

Landlord Extorted for $12,000

Consistently using a standard application can protect you from costly lawsuits. Let me give you an example why. Let’s say you need to rent an apartment. You have 5 individuals come by and look at the apartment. You choose applicant number four. It sounds like he has a great job and is clean cut. A few weeks later you get a phone call from applicant #2′s attorney. He claims that you discriminated against his client because she is a Mexican and has two children. The lawyer goes on to state that he will settle for $12,000 or he will take it to federal court and sue you for $55,000.
    Unfortunately, you have no documentation from the applicants. You have nothing standardized like an application or credit and background report to support your decision. The attorney knows this and knows he can win a settlement.
    Your insurance company will settle for $12,000 because they know the expense of going to court and the probability of loosing. They know you have no documentation and are very exposed. If you really want to protect yourself, please do the following.
    Using a standard application and running a background and credit check for all prospective tenants can greatly help limit discrimination lawsuits. Lawsuits are very expensive and time consuming. Store the application, either electronically, or a hard copy in a secure filing cabinet. Run a background and credit check

Who wants to get sued? None of us, so please take every precaution. Prevention is the best medicine.

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Troy Boldt  

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