Thursday, July 2, 2015

You Might Not Need Asset Protection If...

You have no assets
If you don’t own your own home, have any rental properties, you drive an old beater, you have minimal amounts of money in the bank and are living pay check to paycheck, then you have nothing to protect.
You are currently in a lawsuit!
If a lawsuit has already been filed against you, you need a lawyer and not asset protection. After a lawsuit has been filed, it is too late to protect any of your assets. All 50 states have adopted some form of the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act (UFTA). If you transfer your assets to another person without receiving fair value in return during a law suit, it is fraudulent conveyance to impede and hinder the collection of a legal debt. The judge will set aside anything you do and your assets will be available to be seized by your judgment creditors.
All your assets are out of reach
If you hold all of your assets outside of the U.S. and are ready to flee the land of the free and the brave if you are sued, they you don’t need asset protection. If you are willing to live oversees for 20 years or more, then the US court system is powerless against you.
You are not at risk of lawsuits
If you don’t have a profession or own a business, have real estate holdings, drive much, are retired and stay in most of the day, don’t have a spouse, children, own a dog, have a risky hobby. If you have great medical insurance, home insurance and personal liability insurance, then you are at a low risk to being sued.
You have diplomatic immunity
If you are a representative (or a family member of the representative) of a foreign government and you have diplomatic immunity in the U.S., you are exempt from just about all civil and criminal processes. The U.S. legal system cannot take your assets from you in a civil or criminal proceeding.
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