Friday, July 10, 2015

Farmer Ron, the Big Bailout, and the 80/20 Rule

This week, Perry Marshall, one of my mentors sent me this email. Even though economic times seem tough, this is a moment of great opportunity.

Farmer Ron, the Big Bailout, and the 80/20 Rule
My father-in-law, Ron, is a 77 year old retired farmer in Southeastern Nebraska
. He wears a John Deere hat, sports a farmer’s suntan and talks kinda slow.
He had this to say about the Big Bailout:
“The people that stole my cow now want me to feed it. I resent that a lot, but I do not want my cow to die. So I guess we will have to send more cow feed their way. In the good ole days, we could have hung a couple of the rustlers and that would have delayed the next raid by awhile. Now they expect to get rewarded.”
Gotta love that simple farmer common sense.
Gotta love the fact that he’s from Nebraska. (Just like me.)
I’d like to add a few comments of my own.
First, the contrast between the mainstream news media and the entrepreneurial culture online couldn’t possibly be more striking.
Journalists, as a group, are the most financially threatened population in today’s economy.
Not because of the banking crisis, but because the Internet is destroying their business. They’re ALL
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