Thursday, July 2, 2015

Paying for Real estate education

August 29th, 2013

I know, what a strange topic right? In reality though I wanted to talk about something that has come up quite a bit lately in the news. Donald Trump is being sued by the State of New York for offering real estate education and having people pay for it and I’m not sure at all what he did wrong.
I’ve read the complaints where people claim that they paid for things that didn’t happen or didn’t take place. People complained about paying for services that never happened. I get that and I agree with them. If you pay for a service that isn’t provided then you have every right. Where I get a little bothered is where people pay for the service and the service is fulfilled and then they ask for a refund. This falls under the classification of education. If I attend college and I study criminal justice but I decide not to do anything with that degree then is that my fault or the schools fault. Do I get a refund? NO. Of course you don’t get a refund at all. When a company makes an agreement with an individual it goes 2 ways. One is the company promising to provide and educational service with the other party doing what they are supposed to do. If I charge someone 500 dollars to attend a real estate seminar and they attend and learn then I’ve done my part. That person has no right to a refund unless I do not fulfill my part of the obligation. But once the education is taught the responsibility falls to the person who received it. While, in theory, I could make a real estate transaction for someone it simply doesn’t fall into my responsibility as an educator. That’s where Trump is coming in. If people were told they would make specific amounts of money or anything outside of the area of education then Trump has to fulfill that but if people were sold education then it is that specific persons job to turn that education into action.
Would I pay for real estate education? Of course I would. I would pay for any type of education that can benefit me in my life. Some of the best and brightest minds have paid for educational services that have served them very well. Real estate is an area of life where people can make or lose a lot of money so it is best to know what you are talking about. Think about it, if you paid 5k for an educational experience and you learned something that saved you 15k on your current housing situation you would be very glad wouldn’t you?

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